The Teens and Youth Ministryis a place where the “Youth” do the “Ministry” and the voice of our next generation is being heard today.


The Youth Ministry at MFM equips young adults to declare, communicate, and demonstrate the purpose, power, precepts, and principles of the Kingdom of God.

The youth ministry caters for teenagers and young adults of the church. Session runs concurrently with Sunday services and entails praise and worship, Bible teachings, prayer, and other fun activities. Areas of taught includes: Prayer, Worship, Confidence, Relationships, Attitudes etc.

The Teens and Youth Ministry

We recognize the importance of inspiring the next generation for Jesus Christ. Passing this faith to children and youth is both a great responsibility and an incredible privilege.

The Teens / Youths Ministry of the MFM Willesden Branch, is an integral part of the Children’s Church and is the bridge between the Children’s Church and the mainstream Congregation.

The ministry is in the group of ages 13 – 21years old. The main objective of the Teens and Youth group is to support and encourage teens and youths to grow spiritually and network with other teens in the church and in the society.

Teenage/Youth ministry provides an avenue for teenagers to express themselves in areas of interest such as Art, Music, Dance, and Bible discussion among their peers and with adults. This group also seeks to utilize each teen with the purpose of identifying and developing their God given gifts and talents.

MFM Willesden advocates for teen-aged men and women, helping them to be critical thinkers and to reach their own generation and the world around them.

We desire our youth to make Him known to others while simultaneously building healthy friendships and experiencing meaningful fellowship. In general, we desire a teen’s ministry that will enhance what parents are doing at home, but not entirely replace it.

Our other goals include:

Worship: Help teens understand how to worship God and express worship in all of life.


Discipleship: Give them an opportunity to learn, grow, and serve as disciples of Jesus.


Ministry: Help them discover how God has uniquely made them to serve Him and people.


Fellowship: Give them a safe harbour with fun and meaningful relationships with the entire church family.


Evangelism: Give them opportunities to receive Christ and share God’s loving invitation of salvation and wholeness with